SoDown at The Stache [3/31/2017]

The Road to Boredomfest Tour is in full swing and we got a taste of the action here in Grand Rapids on Friday night. With over five hours of music from Uplifting Earth, Crowd Cntrl, Calvin Hobbes B2B Opal-ite and Megan Hamilton, we found ourselves at what felt like a full on festival rolled into one night.

For local clothing company Kaleidoscopic Apparel, this was their first time producing a show in Grand Rapids. Many people piling in were either already wearing or purchasing one of their beautifully hand-dyed tees. Some guests were even able to score one of their custom creations, pictured below.

Clothing by Kaleidoscopic Apparel

SoDown has been on our radar for a little under a year now. He’s an artist from Boulder, Colorado who has been blessing crowds all around the country with his funky heavy-hitting bass music. One reason we were interested in seeing SoDown was to witness the integration of the saxophone during his performance. Anyone who’s ever listened to similar artists like GRiZ has an established appreciation for the accompaniment of the bold brass instrument.


We had been looking forward to the show for weeks, so our expectations were very high. Some of the tracks we were looking forward to hearing from SoDown were Old School and The Start, two of his more popular tracks. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised when we noticed that this was one of the more packed shows we’ve seen at The Stache.

SoDown surpassed expectations and delivered what was an energetic and entertaining show. His energy on stage was contagious, enough to get the crowd grooving on its own. Don’t believe me? See for yourself by watching the beginning of SoDown’s set on Friday.

SoDown’s set encompassed not only future funk, but dubstep with hints of bass house sprinkled in. By the end of his performance, he managed to have complete control over the entire audience, keeping us on edge through his selection of songs. He exerted emotion by channeling the night’s energy and redirecting it into intimate moments between himself and the crowd.

In an instant, SoDown has the capability to thrust the crowd into an environment enriched with energy. Watch below as his set takes a turn into an intergalactic world inspired by funk, bass and so much more.

If you missed SoDown’s performance in Grand Rapids fear not, he will be making a return to the Midwest for Summer Camp Music Festival, which takes place in Chillicothe, Illinois, May 26th-28th. Weekend passes are still available on their website and this year’s lineup features similar artists like the Pretty Light’s Live Band, Gramatik and The Floozies.

The Road to Boredomfest Tour caps off next week in Indiana, with the festival taking place on Elderberry Farms May 19th – May 21st. Included on this year’s lineup is Downlink, Run DMT, Bass Physics and many other talented artists. Visit their website to take advantage of the Tier 2 priced tickets still available for only $60.

Stay tuned for more original content, including an exclusive interview with a young Grand Rapids producer currently at the top of his career.


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