Super Future [Exclusive Interview]

Super Future has been making waves in the local bass music scene since his days in college, where his love for playing and producing electronic music originated. Since then, Nick has been seen sharing the stage with artists like Zeds Dead, Kill the Noise, Yellow Claw and more.

Next Friday, Herobust brings his Vertebreaker tour to The Intersection, so we decided to sit down with Super Future to get caught up on everything he’s been involved with so early on in his career.


For those unfamiliar with the style of music you produce, how would you describe it to them? I know your name Super Future helps point out some aspects.

It does imply that I have a future style and I’m never going to deviate from that style. It seems like such an untapped and broad genre. I was really influenced and blown away by people like Wave Racer when that bright, pop-influenced sound came about, that was my first trajectory with Super Future.

I did a little bit of traveling and started listening to more ethnic sounds. I had this idea where I wanted to produce this self-proclaimed “world trap”, kind of throw in any style from Asian with flutes to Indian with sitar. I try to mix that in, but also provide vibrant sounds through bright synth work, so the future elements are always going to be there.


When in your life did you realize producing music was what you wanted to do full time?

This always catches people off guard, but I went to Michigan State for chemical engineering and got that degree, but all the while I was kind of discovering how to use Virtual DJ my Senior year. I had a lot more free time because I had finished all of my core chemical engineering classes and I was finding myself playing around with house music and learning how to beat match, all on Virtual DJ. I bought speakers and then we’d have parties, all of a sudden I got to start DJing at Rick’s in East Lansing, Harper’s too.

As soon as I got my degree, I moved to South Haven to work for a chemical engineering company, but all I wanted to do when I got home was start mixing. I realized I had some money saved up, so I started to invest in myself. I’ve been playing guitar forever so I know how to write, read and play music. I took a Dubspot class for about six months and my final project was actually an early version of a single off my EP. I remember turning it in and I thought “okay, this is something I could see myself continuing to do.”

I put out my first EP, played a couple parties and a couple shows and that’s when Super Future started picking up steam. I still have an engineering job, but I’ve been able to find a position now that gives me more time to focus on Super Future and do chemical engineering on the side.


If you could collaborate with any artist today, who would it be and why?

Good question, I have a recent obsession with Party Thieves. The stuff he’s putting out is so sick, but I really think that I would pick either Mura Masa or graves. If I had to pick one of those two, I would probably say graves. He seems like one of those guys who has so much going on in his music and he would have a lot of ideas. Mura Masa seems like he’s got simplicity in his style and I’m right in the middle of both of them. When I get crazy about my ideas, I just vomit thoughts out there on the DAW, so I think that I’d gain more from working with graves because he’s so technical.


What can we expect to hear from Super Future during the Herobust show?

I’m definitely trying out some new originals at the Herobust show. I would say my set is between a quarter and half all original stuff, which I feel great about. There’s a lot of new things the Samsara family has been sitting on that will be premiered publicly for the first time during my set.

The other people opening, Willy Wompa, we’ve been collaborating on something too that we’ll play between our sets, it’ll be really cool. I’ve never tried to mix future with dub before, so I’m bringing this San Holo type style they wanted me to contribute and they brought in some dub, so marrying future and dub at the same time has actually been really interesting and I’m really looking forward to playing it.

Tickets are still available for Herobust on The Intersection’s website as well as through locals Willy Wompa and Super Future.

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