COOKN [Exclusive Interview]

Detroit duo COOKN are two kids making a name for themselves through their genre-melting performances and their social media savviness. Their name has been featured alongside artists like Illenium and 12th Planet; a true testament to their diversity.

The development of Nate’s social media account @DetroitEDMFam has been one of their most valuable tools, allowing the two the ability to create connections that span further than Michigan. ModifiedSAMFTheir dedication to their vision has put them in position to open up the main stage for artists like Vanic and Marshmello. In our interview, we discuss what the duo has in the works for Chicago’s Spring Awakening Music Festival.

Local artists COOKN and Dezign will help welcome Figure and Dubloadz to Grand Rapids on Saturday, April 29th. We decided to sit down with Nate and Josh to see if we could get a sample of what the Culinary Kingpins are planning on serving up Saturday night.

For those unfamiliar with the style of music you play, how would you describe it?

Josh – The cool thing about what we’re doing is that we don’t really bind ourselves to a genre. I think we’ve played almost every genre there is in electronic music, from house to drum and bass, but we tend to lean more towards the heavier bass side of electronic music.

Nate – People often say, “oh this is such a COOKN set”, because our sets just emulate how we try to make everything as fun as possible. We do tend to play high energy stuff more, but we can have just as much fun playing pretty music too.

What about your production style?

Josh – We’ve been on a future and melodic style kick lately, but that’s just our taste right now. We have tracks like Top of the World that we have released and are more bass heavy, but we don’t really stick with one genre.

Nate – Personally, I love bass music. I’m a stickler about it, so for me to want to release bass music and dubstep tracks, I want it to be at a really high level. When I feel that we’re better at another area, I tend to think, ‘let’s just stick to this because it’s working better’. A lot of our melodic releases have done really well too. We’ve just been doing our thing and whatever continues to work, we’ll follow that.

Which song is your favorite to play live?

Nate – So there’s been a couple songs that no matter what, in any set, always seems to slip in. But I’d say the song that we’ve probably played the most would be Bombay by Damn Kids, we’ve played that song forever. We never listen to that song outside of playing sets either, but every single time it makes its way in; there’s just something about it that works.

Josh – I’ve got two, both of them are mashups that we did. The first one was at Commencement Fest, we mashed up this edit of Goosebumps by Travis Scott with Damage by Kai Wachi. Our photographer got a sweet video of it too, so I think it made it that much cooler. Then the other one that’s always a treat to play is a mash up of Party, Drink & Smoke with Rise by Kai Wachi, double dropped with Party in the Sewer by Datsik & 12th Planet. It’s just a full on attack and you pretty much just stand there like you’ve been hit with a flash bang, it’s ridiculous.

What can you tell us so far about the next project you’re working on?

Josh – We are working on a Road to Spring Awakening Music Festival mix right now. This is our first big festival, so we wanna show anyone who might discover us beforehand what style of music we’re gonna play during our set. We also have a melodic dub tune in the works right now, but that’s kind of being pushed towards the back because we have a lot of other stuff going on.

Nate – I’m really excited for this mix because we don’t normally make mixes. I know some DJs focus on putting out new mixes every month, we try to focus on a lot of other things. But when we are showcasing our own style and our abilities to a new market, we put a lot of time into making a mix that’s really representative of who we are. Obviously we don’t want to make it an exact emulation of our set, but we want it to be representative of what people are gonna hear from us and also makes people wanna come out and see us perform.

COOKN commencement 4

What are you looking forward to the most about your show with Figure?

Nate – Figure has been one of my favorite artists for as long as I can remember. I have over 3000 songs liked on my Soundcloud and the first five likes are all Figure tracks. I’ve met Figure several times and he knows me by face which is amazing, but I’ve always been a big fan of him and what he’s doing. I can’t even comprehend that I’m opening up for one of my favorite artists of all time. When you’re around someone who has had so much of an impact on your taste in music, it’s a blessing to be in their presence. So that’s why I’m absolutely geeked about opening up for Figure. Plus, we haven’t really played a ton of heavy bass shows at The Intersection. Normally we dial it back a little and play more of the softer stuff, but this is gonna be one where we get to throw the guns out and really push some boundaries in ways that we don’t normally get to in our sets.

Josh – Yeah that’s probably what I’m most looking forward to. We don’t get a chance to wild out to the extent that we are for this show. Just because as an opener, you have to respect the main acts, but you can’t go harder than Dubloadz and Figure. Even if we tried, I don’t know if we could even come close, so get ready because we’re gonna be guns blazing for this show.


Tickets for Saturday’s show are still available on The Intersection’s website as well as through locals COOKN and Dezign.

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