Calvin Hobbes [Exclusive Interview]

Calvin’s project started four years ago with one goal in mind; to make people dance. He will soon be making the journey from Colorado to Michigan, returning for another performance at the second year festival, Boredomfest.

A Colorado kid, he’s been seen regularly performing at Rawkus alongside some of the most recognizable names in the trap and bass music scene. Last year alone, he opened up for Herobust, Stooki Sound, and Minnesota, three performances any artist would drool over.

Calvin Hobbes (left) w/ Herobust (middle) & Boarcrok (right), Photo by Alarmdesigns

Our first exposure to Calvin Hobbes was back in March when we covered the Road to Boredomfest Tour at The Stache. Since witnessing Calvin go B2B with fellow Colorado native, Opal-ite, we’ve had our sights set on seeing him perform for a second time. We partnered with Forward Momentum Productions, the creators behind Boredomfest, to talk with Calvin as he prepares to take his project to a whole new level.

Calvin Hobbes (right) B2B Opal-ite (left), Photo by Benjamin Howell Photography

How would you describe the style of music you produce?

There’s a lot of heavy bass influence in my music style. What’s strange is that a lot of the bookings and lineups I’ve been on lately are based off some of the more melodic releases I have on Soundcloud, like my track ‘Alice’.

All the stuff I’ve been cranking out in the past six months though is back to that trap and heavy bass sound. I’m shooting for releases with labels like Never Say Die in the next couple years. Expect very heavy 140BPM and 145BPM tracks that are gonna ruin everyone’s faces.

If you could collaborate with any artist today, who would it be and why?

Probably Laxx from Never Say Die because I think that the way he produces is fantastic. I’ve always dug more trap-style percussion, but with more heavy dub synths. Artists like Laxx have really helped me find and develop my new sound that I’m about to be bringing to everyone this year. I love making future bass, but maybe it’s just the emotion of grinding out really heavy bass music that makes me feel more accomplished in the studio.

What can you tell us so far about the next project you are working on?

I have a lot of tracks and remixes I’m sitting on at the moment. The first one is gonna be a track called either, ‘Untitled AF’ or ‘We Are’, I don’t know which one at the moment, but it’s with my homie Carbin. It’s gonna be an A and B side track, A-side Carbin and I, B-side a VIP by myself.

Along with that, I have an EP called ‘SuZy’ coming out really soon, it’s gonna be a four track EP that I’ve been curating for so long. A bunch of remixes are coming out for that too, a lot of heavy remixes I’ve been playing out in some of my sets that I know people are gonna want their hands on.

But like I said earlier, Never Say Die Black Label is gonna be a top priority. A good friend of mine, ESQ, he’s released on Black Label before and we’re working on a tune together that we’re thinking could go Black Label, so there’s that potential right there. That type of vibe, that mentality, is what Calvin Hobbes is turning into.

Calvin Hobbes at Boredomfest 2016, Photo by Alarmdesigns

Last question, what are you looking forward to most about this year’s Boredomfest?

Oh man, so much to look forward to. I have three hours of music I’ll be playing throughout the weekend. There’s the pre-party on Thursday, headlined by The Widdler. A lot of the guys are planning on playing 100% original music in their sets that night, which is gnarly and I’m definitely gonna participate in.

Saturday I have the headlining show before Downlink and all them, that’s gonna be my big festival set. I always have so many different types of sets. I don’t ever plan my sets out, but I have different types of intros that lead my sets down different paths. After the mainstage the second night there’s my performance at the Silent Disco, which is something I’m really excited to be a part of.

So yeah, I have three hours of music to play throughout the weekend and I’m just stoked to see the look on people’s faces when I show everyone what I’ve been working on.


Calvin’s commitment to his craft has resulted in an invitation to perform at ARISE Festival for the first time. He will be joining talents like Tipper, Dopapod and Brasstracks in what will be a terrific opportunity to expand his fan base.

Limited tickets are still available on the Boredomfest website to hear over three hours of music from Calvin Hobbes, alongside Downlink, The Widdler and more.

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