The Conclusion of Boredomfest 2017 Leaves Attendees Hopeful for the Future [Festival Review].

From states as far as Colorado, hundreds of people piled into their cars to attend this year’s Boredomfest in Bangor, Michigan. Despite a number of issues instigated by the weather, Boredomfighters spirits were thriving throughout the entire weekend!

Upon arrival, people of all ages were spotted walking around the festival, demonstrating music’s ability to unite us all. We were surprised to notice more cars parked in the daily general admission parking lot than the festival’s campsites.

The weather was mild during the day, with the wind chill really picking up in later parts of the evening. Those in attendance also experienced rain, but the weather was unable to wash away their excitement.


A variety of food trucks were in attendance, making it easy for guests to trade in the cuisine crammed in their coolers for toasty grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade tacos and more. A personal favorite from the weekend was a pizza waffle on a stick, made by the Waffle Wagon Food Truck.

pizza waffle_a.jpg

Many craft vendors made their way to the farm to take part in this year’s Boredomfest. Located near the mainstage was an alley of artists who had their creations on display. The most recognizable vendor at the festival was Sloth Steady, a clothing and lifestyle brand from Chicago, Illinois. Their custom clothing and hat pins have been featured at festivals like Electric Forest and EDC Las Vegas, one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals.

Kevin LeBarren, the main designer for Sloth Steady, was the man handling merchandise for the weekend. This was the company’s first time vending at Boredomfest. The last festival Kevin had been vending was the highly publicized music festival, Middlelands. We loved hearing him talk about his experiences at different festivals. Among many others, he was not phased by the occasional downpour. His positive energy brought us back to the booth multiple times over the weekend.


The festival boasted more musical performances than last year, with over 70 artists being listed on this year’s lineup. Second year attendee Christian Hoffer was working with ProLux Entertainment and Ikonic Sound over the weekend. He was able to shed some light on some improvements that were made for 2017.

Hoffer explained that this year’s festival included upgrades to both lighting and stage production, as well as the inclusion of a heavy bass headliner that helped provide Boredomfest with a “big festival feel”.


We brought our friend Nick Kurtz along with us on Saturday to show him what the festival was all about. A talented photographer and Downlink fanatic, he was the perfect addition to our self-proclaimed ‘Bomb Squad’.

What appeared to be almost the entire festival made their way to the front of the mainstage that night for the main headliner. This was our first time seeing Downlink and he did not disappoint. His performance infused a multitude of heavy bass influenced tracks with his own original productions. Watch the crowd go crazy when Downlink drops a dubstep mashup of Tool’s track, ‘Forty Six & 2’.

In the car ride home, we asked Kurtz his opinion on Downlink’s performance. He too was blown away, evening calling this set better than the last time he saw Downlink.


For Boredomfighters, the festival is all about collaboration; coming together to provide one another with an incredible, yet affordable experience. Sure, areas of the festival could have seen some major improvements, but our overall consensus was the most important aspect of a music festival, the music, made the experience more than worth the money. Early bird tickets were released for only $20, which is more than reasonable for a three-day music festival.


Take advantage of the savings and keep an eye out for the release of next year’s early bird tickets. Stay updated through their social medial channels below.

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