Super Future & Willy Wompa Keep the Party Going Strong in New Collaboration ‘Afterparty’ [Premiere].

Grand Rapids electronic music producers Super Future & Willy Wompa have teamed up for what Kris Bouchard, vocalist of Willy Wompa, says is “easily our best work yet.”

Super Future

The electronic music DJ/producer out of Grand Rapids has been able to establish himself and build a following through carefully crafted releases that draw inspiration from genres ranging to future bass and house all the way to dubstep and trap.

Super Future opening for Herobust @ The Intersection.

The end of May saw the announcement of Super Future’s upcoming EP “Prisms”, which was closely followed by the release of ‘Horizon‘, a future trap tune that we think hits harder than anything he’s released previously. The next song off his EP to be released was ‘Make It‘, the future bass banger he’d been teasing in his sets all summer. Since it was released nine days ago the track has already racked up over 15,000 plays and has earned him recognition from the major media outlet, YourEDM.

When asked why he wanted to collaborate with Willy Wompa, Super Future explained that he’s always been interested in working with them ever since he moved to Grand Rapids. “These guys have some of the most outstanding professional outlooks on music production in our area. I learned a ton about using vocals from Mike & Kris. That was such a cool element to bring to the table and learn about.”

Willy Wompa

The Grand Rapids DJ/production duo has differentiated themselves from other artists in the West Michigan music scene by incorporating live vocals into productions that exercise elements from every genre of electronic music.

Willy Wompa opening for Herobust @ The Intersection.

While their last release ‘Bubble Boy‘ came out over a year ago, that hasn’t prevented them from continuing to grow their fanbase. Their commitment to creating music that can’t be labeled has presented them opportunities to showcase their high energy performances to fans in a variety of settings. Whether it’s turning up with trap artists like Party Favor or getting down and dirty with dubstep artists like Dion Timmer, expect to be entertained by the sights and sounds at a Willy Wompa show.

When asked what collaborating with Super Future was like, Kris responded by saying it was incredible. “When [Super Future] came to us, he already had the intro, the verse and most of the first drop…We finished the whole thing in under two weeks to have it ready for our show with Herobust. It usually takes us two months to even get close.”

Michael was also impressed by how quickly the track came together. “We each put our own spin on the track, then we had two days together in the studio just to perfect the mix…Collaborations don’t always work out, but we’re happy this one did.”

SFxWW After Party Artwork‘Afterparty’ perfectly showcases what the two artists are capable of creating when they share time in studio. The song’s introduction sounds innocent at first, but Kris quickly capitalizes on the beat’s bright sound by effortlessly laying down lyrics that tell the tale of an average night after a Willy Wompa show.

As it builds, the song’s dynamic drums deliver a burst of energy that’s capped off by the hard hitting dubstep drop that follows. The success of Super Future & Willy Wompa’s first collaboration leaves us asking one question…when can we can expect the next one?

Listen to Afterparty below and click here to download the song for free.

Super Future & Willy Wompa – Afterparty [ Premiere]


First Verse

Bunch of friends on my left..yeah, even more to the right,
We got everything we need… tonight, yeahhh

Like roller coasters in water falls.. We’re not supposed to be here at all…
We get too loud and then the cops come….
but so what

Lets pop up that sound son, got watts by the thousand
Just brought half the crowd from the show we just got out of
Let’s smoke foggy mister miaggi
Say wax off then wax on cause guess what…

I’m back at em it’s back on

Second Verse

I was just about to leave now suns about to peak out then I saw you playin with your necklace..
Excuse me miss.. i think the jewelry fits now how’d you like to get to know me over breakfast?

She took my hand and said you’ll have to wait.. cause this my jam and I’m a let it play..
She backed up on me and her body swayed.. know what I’m sayin?

Now I’m instantly intrigued like this chick she gets me
She turned my whole world upside down and 360..
Then spun round and pulled a blunt out
She like hit this shit I got slack jawed like cause guess what…

I’m back at em it’s back on


Article Author: Sean Billisitz

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