D-Wrex at Breakaway Music Festival [Exclusive Interview]

Derek Kober is a country kid at heart who’s found himself with a promising career as a DJ. Over the last five years he’s had the opportunity to open up for artists such as Rusko, Cookie Monsta, and has even headlined his own shows at Billy’s BassBin and Grand Haven’s Coast Guard Festival this past year.

Coming off his fourth music festival appearance this summer, we had the chance to chat with Derek after his set at Breakaway Music Festival’s silent disco on Saturday about preparing for a performance, what the next step for D-Wrex is, and more.


How did you react when you found out you were playing Breakaway Music Festival?

Well, when Matt hit me up I was kind of dumb founded, but I told him to run it! Now here we are after everything’s all said and done. I’m just so glad I’m here, it’s amazing. They did a really good job with the festival.

When in life did you realize being a DJ was something you wanted to pursue?

My DJ career started back when I was asked to fill in for a karaoke host at this little hole in the wall biker bar. I was super shy, didn’t really know if I wanted to do it, but I did it.

Turns out I love making people dance, but I hated it when people sang. It was awful! So I took my tax return one year and I bought a controller, I learned how to mix and I pretty much just went from there.

What is your favorite song to drop when you are DJing?

Honestly, I think all my friends would say ‘Core’ by RL Grime. It was so sick last night when RL Grime dropped it. That was the only moment I wanted out of this whole festival. As he was dropping “Core”, two of my really good friends walked by me and they literally grabbed me and they were just like, “Dude! How are we walking past you in this moment right now, while he’s dropping this!” It was awesome.

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Which festival has been your favorite to perform at?

Outside of Breakaway because this festival is sick, my favorite festival to perform at is #Gridlife. I’ve played #Gridlife the last two years and they’ve taken really good care of me. The crowd there is great too and hanging out by the drift cars is really awesome. That festival is always a good time. Definitely check that out in the future if you get the chance!

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What can you tell us so far about the next project you are working on?

My next show is with Sullivan King and Kai Wachi. I actually turn 28 at Midnight during that show. It’s September 7th at The Stache and it’s gonna be a good time. That’s my main focus right now.


Last question, what kind of goals do you have set for yourself going into next year?

Producing, producing, producing. That is seriously my next step because I need to learn and I need to get my own sound out. I have a lot of connections all over the United States, but I can’t really utilize them until I have my own sound and my own music out. That’s definitely the next thing that I need to do.

I’ve been given some tremendous opportunities over the past few years thanks to Chad Verwey, Scott Hammontree, and Jimmy Rains at The Intersection, along with Chad Smith at Ignyte Events. I am blessed to have people who have been in the business that I can turn to like Brian Holmes, Monica Parker, Todd Ernst, and Jason Veeder for advice as well! I can’t wait to turn all this hard work and experience into the next level of shows and festivals – local and regional. Spring Awakening, I’m looking your way!


Tickets are still available on The Intersection’s website to see D-Wrex open up for Sullivan King and Kai Wachi on Thursday, September 7th.

You can also catch him performing later this month at Prime Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan. Tickets are available on the festival’s website as well as through Derek.

To read our full interview with D-Wrex, click here.

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Article Author: Sean Billisitz

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