Dissonance & Frybread Power [Exclusive Interview + Song Premiere]

With Dissonance and Frybread Power’s opening set for Antiserum and Monxx at The Stache on the horizon, we decided to sit down with the two to talk about how they got started DJing, the inspiration behind their new track titled ‘Money’, and more.

How would you describe the style of music that you produce?

Dissonance: “It’s like underground, but it still uses elements that people enjoy, something relatable. Right now, everyone is into heavy music you can head-bang to, so I try to keep some of those elements in there. I’d say my music is unique in its own way. I strive to keep an underground, old-school feel while searching for a new way to push it.”

Frybread Power: “Dubstep. People always try and put dubstep into subcategories such as riddim, death step, etc., but at the end of the day it’s all the same genre. I have some songs that have harsh, in your face sounds and some that have simple wobbles and everywhere in between. In addition to that, I really enjoy making melodic drum & bass.”

When in life did you realize producing music was something you wanted to pursue?

Dissonance: “I have been DJing for myself for about seven years. It started as something I just picked up because it was fun. I wasn’t posting anything online or sharing with anyone. As time went on, I started posting more people started to recognize it. I guess I really didn’t start taking it seriously until about two or three years ago. I think as time goes on, you realize it’s getting more serious, so you start taking it more seriously.”

Frybread Power: “I first discovered bass music in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2013 when Dissonance taught me how to DJ. That’s when I realized that I could actually do something with it. Since then, it’s been a non-stop process to achieve my next goal.”

dissonance at the intersection
Dissonance @ The Intersection, Source: Benjamin Howell Photography

What was your favorite show that you’ve ever played?

Dissonance: Nothing beats that first time on The Intersection stage. Playing in the big room with the Never Say Die crew last year, it was such a wild show. Going from seeing 25 people in a room to 50 people in a room, then getting on that stage and seeing 1600 people at 10 o’clock, it’s unreal. You look up and it just kind of hits you, like holy cow this is happening. Just the energy from that show and everything that followed was incredible. That was the most memorable experience.

Frybread Power: “Spag Heddy at The Stache on St. Patrick’s Day in 2016. I was direct support for the show and it is still the most wild show I’ve played to date!”


How did you react when you heard you were opening for Antiserum & Monxx?

Dissonance: “I was filled with pure joy, haha. It’s actually one day after Frybread’s birthday and I’ve been friends with him for a really long time, so it was perfect. We’ve been trying to figure out how we can plan an official back to back set for awhile. I taught him how to DJ years ago and we’ve never really had an official back to back set together. Living with him, we would get up at 10 in the morning and DJ nonstop until 10 at night. And we would do this consistently, for days after days. So we’ve always had this chemistry, where it was easy to read and bounce off each other. So it’s cool that everything lined up perfectly.”

Frybread Power: “I was ecstatic! Like Dissonance said, the show is the day after my birthday, which is really cool. Last year I got to play at The Stache on the same day opening for Space Jesus, so I anticipate this show to be just as crazy.”

Frybread Power @ The Stache, Source: Benjamin Howell Photography

Talk to me about your guys’ new track ‘Money’. What was the inspiration behind it?

Dissonance: “So to give a little background, Monxx actually made me my logo. This was about three years ago, before he really blew up or anything. I really liked the artwork and I wanted to get more, so I threw him some more money and he just kind of ghosted. Later on, I started to see other people come out on social media and say similar stuff about him, like people paid him and he stopped replying to them or whatever.

Then, there was a post where he got called out or whatever and I got in there and told my story about how he owed me artwork that I paid for. He replied to me right in the comments, he apologized and said to message him, so I did he read the message but then never said anything again.

It just got to the point where now he’s starting to tour, and he apparently owes a lot of people money. I saw he was coming to Grand Rapids, so I decided to go ahead and write this song. When I open for him, we’re gonna leave with that track just as sort of a humorous thing because he knows what he did. He’s gonna see my logo that he made and were just gonna throw this track out and make everyone bang out to it. It’s gonna be awesome because between us, we’ll know. It’s just one of those things that I thought would be funny to do, so yeah that’s how the track came together.”

Frybread Power: To be completely honest, when we started the track, I didn’t think anything was going to come from it. It started from me just messing around and writing random notes one day. Then we just kept playing with it over time. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. 


Going into next year, what kind of goals do you have set for yourself?

Dissonance: “Lately, it’s been landing a show every month, so if I can just get one show per month, that reaches my monthly goal. Anything beyond that is just purely awesome. The main goal is to keep moving forward and keep doing it until I can’t.”

Frybread Power: “My two main goals for 2018 are to expand my audience and play shows out of state, and to get an original track signed to a legitimate record label.”


Tickets are still available on The Intersection’s website to see Dissonance and Frybread Power open up for Antiserum and Monxx at The Stache on Friday, November 10th.

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Article Author: Sean Billisitz

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