DMVU Talks New EP, the Growing Bass Scene, and More. [Interview]

A little over a year ago, DMVU released his first track under Circus Records, a remix of ‘In Love With The Devil’ by Mark The Beast. He’s since gone on to release over a dozen more tracks with the London-based label, including a new EP out now titled ‘Moon Man‘. After his most recent show in Detroit on May 19, we had the chance to catch up with him to talk about his involvement with Circus Records, the growing bass scene, and more.

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You’re on a lot of festival lineups this summer. Is there any one in particular that you’re super excited for?

“515 Alive with Bassnectar, Future and all my homies. I’ve really only played festivals within my style of music, so it’s cool to start getting booked on festivals that transcend one genre. And Infrasound because fuck yeah Infrasound!”

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How is it being involved with Circus Records?

“I hit up a bunch of labels when I was younger and I got turned down every time. I never would have thought about sending music to Circus, but Diskord hit me up and said they liked my shit and asked me to send my stuff to the Circus crew. A few days later I had a meeting with Circus and we signed shit down and it’s been history ever since.”

Do you have any future EP drops on the radar?

“Very soon, within a month I’ll be dropping an EP through Circus. After that, I am planning on taking a bit of hiatus from dropping new music over the summer because I have so much stocked up music, I don’t want to rush it. And I almost have an entire album done with my side project Ghost Creek.”

DMVU’s EP on Circus Records he refers to is out now. Scroll to the end of the interview to listen to ‘Moon Man’ on Soundcloud.


How do you feel about the position and growing popularity of freeform bass music?

“It’s fucking tight! It’s both amazing and beautiful. It’s the electronic music renaissance in my eyes because all this music pretty much transcends genres in most aspects. It sounds like bits of everything; like a little dubstep, a little trap influence, some footwork, and hip-hop influence. I love how everyone calls it weird bass or experimental bass because nobody really knows what’s going on, everyone just agrees that it’s really dope. I think it’s super cool because I feel as if there are no boundaries and I can do whatever the fuck I want. As long as it’s weird and tight, people will feel it.”

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