Panky Rang Productions: What’s in store for Electric Forest 2018 After Parties & more.

If you’re headed to either weekend of Electric Forest this year, you need to look out Panky Rang Productions. We stumbled upon one of their after parties last year at Forest and experienced one of the best all weekend. With Electric Forest less than a week away, we decided to reach out to Ben Pearlman, Co-CEO of Panky Rang Productions, to get the scoop on what Panky Rang is all about and what to expect at this year’s Electric Forest after parties.

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What is Panky Rang Productions?

“We’re a production company that does a variety of things, but we’re most known for our curated renegade stages at festivals like Electric Forest. We do other things like artist management, event planning, stage and gear rental, but Panky Rang Productions is also a movement. We take pride in sharing art with as many people as possible.”

“We’re also big into making our events grassroots and underground if I may say, which allows artists to play whatever they want. We don’t curate our event based on popularity either. We really listen to every single application the same.”

When did you start hosting after parties at Electric Forest?

“Our first major after party was in 2016, so this will be our third year. Our first year we had a vintage RV, which we built a stage on top of with a peace sign sticking up. It was built on a severely tight budget, but it got us way further than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Have you thrown after parties at other festivals?

“Yes, as of now we’ve throw after parties at Movement, Lost Lands and UpNorth. We definitely want to get as involved as we can. Any music festival that would like to host us, it would be a pleasure to join. Next year (2019) we will have a hefty schedule as we plan on being at many more festivals!”

What drives you to throw after parties?

“So many things do. I’ll start with the preparation and planning work. It is so fun to take something like a bus and turn it into a party machine! Eric (Co-CEO) and I have a great time mixing music, welding and building all aspects of our stage.”

“Next comes the party. To be able to let up-and-coming artists share their art is so gratifying for us. Not only do they love what they do, but the fans love the vibes and music! It’s so heartwarming to be a part of something that makes so many people happy. The vibes at these parties are like no other. Everyone is there because they want to. EVERY single person… That is such a good feeling.”

What can you tell me about this year’s after parties at Electric Forest?

“WELL WELL! So many exciting things coming! We have some amazing surprise guests for both weekends of Forest who will be doing some B2B action! We’re also having an animal theme this year and giving out some Panky Rang clothing.”

“There’s also many sponsors and collectives working with us this year, with some artist collectives taking over. We also have some other big surprises we can’t talk about, so you will just have to come check us out and find out what those are for yourself!”


Have you made any improvements on your set up that people can look forward to this year?

“We improved everything! We installed steel railing, reinforced all aspects of the bus, completely improved our lighting and speaker game, plus we added visuals too. Our team has stepped up a lot we can’t wait to show you what we’ve done.”

Is there anything else you want people to know about Panky Rang Productions?

“All I can say is get ready Forest because we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for this year! We really appreciate everyone who partakes in this movement and this wouldn’t be possible without everyone getting together to make this shit happen. There’s so much love in this movement and I’m just really grateful and happy to be a part of it.”


Mother Of All Bass will be at Panky Rang’s after parties during the first weekend of Electric Forest this year. If you’re an early arriver like myself, than you better come check out Wednesday night’s special guests! We will also be handing out free CD’s filled with music from some of our favorite Michigan producers during the Samsara Family Collective’s takeover.

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Click Here to View A Schedule for Weekend 2 After Parties

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See you in the Forest!


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