G-Bread Drops Sophomore EP ‘Fractal’ [Listen]

G-Bread’s highly anticipated follow up to his ‘Red, Green, Blue‘ EP released last year in June has finally arrived. The five track EP features four new tracks and a collaboration with fellow Samsara Family artist Sandose that was released back in March. Listen to and read what the Grand Rapids producer had to say about each track off of his sophomore EP titled ‘Fractal’ below.


What made you want to collaborate with Sandose on your EP title track ‘Fractal’?

“I was pretty stuck on it early on and I just didn’t know how to finish it. Sandose always knows what to add and always gives me the right energy to get songs done. He’s got creative energy you can fees off of.”

Where did you get the inspiration for the vocal sample used in ‘Gloss’?

“50 Cent and Childish Gambino. They’re both very expressive rappers with their lyrics so it’s always a good time listening to their music for inspiration.”

‘PFZ’ is definitely the darkest sounding song I’ve ever heard from you. Is this a sound we will see you experiment with more in the future?

“Yeah, it’s something different for sure. I think so. I’ve been experimenting with more aggressive bass music lately because I realized it was a huge founding on my coming into who I am as a musician so instead of denying it, I wanted to embrace it more.”

How did you decide on the name ‘Winter’ for this track?

“Winter was an idea that came to me this past January. I woke up freezing and for some reason the almost unbearable temperatures sparked an idea and I thought that was enough for the song to be called winter.”

What made you decide to add ‘Mulan’ as a bonus track?

“Mulan I actually made this Monday (7/2) and it came together and felt like just the last bit of spark from the idea of the Fractal EP. And I thought about just holding onto it, but until this, I had no real trap bangers like that on my EP even though it’s such a huge part of my sound in my sets and previous to this work, so I figured if I love this song, others would too.”

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